# Licensing

The source code is available under three licenses in order to make it a better fit for different types of projects.

You are required to specify the license under which you use the software. This can be done by entering the corresponding keyword or a generated commercial license key in the Configuration Object.

# Available licenses

Name Type
GPL v3 (opens new window) Open-source
Commercial License Agreement Proprietary

# Open source and non-commercial use

If you want to use HyperFormula in a non-commercial or an open-source project, then head to the license key page to learn about the corresponding license key.

# Commercial license key

If you are interested in obtaining a commercial license key, you should contact our sales team directly through the contact form (opens new window) or by email at sales@handsontable.com.

# How to enter the license key

You can find the details about adding the license key on this page.